aIdS AwaRenESS SloGanS(sLow-gUns)

Let HIV be your worst enemy! Fight HIV/AIDS
AIDS brings pain! Girls, please abstain
 Ladies, be wise! Make them guys condomize
Be Aware! Be Prepared! HIV is passing, but don’t be scared!
Women, HIV/AIDS is NOT a lottery, take no chances
Be beautiful! Be smart! Be stylish! But, protect yourself
from HIV
Dont be silly, cover your willy
Information is Ammunition
If you Test, You’ll get Rest
It Could Happen To You
Let’s Kill It With Kindness
It’s Everyone’s Problem
Prevention & Intervention
Avoid the Scare…Be Aware
Help Us Find A Way to End the Decay
Don’t Delay…Get Tested Today
End the Pandemic…Help Us Find a Cure
End the Dread…Stop the Spread
Help Us Find A Way to Take AIDS Away
Talk about sex
I have been tested. I know.
 HIV/AIDS affects all of us
 ABC – Abstain, Be faithful or Condomise
Together we can

AIDS se na raho anjaan , samna karo seena taan

( used to shout this one during NSS rallies )
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4 Responses to aIdS AwaRenESS SloGanS(sLow-gUns)

  1. sweeti's says:

    Love shouldn;t kill  Help prevent and cure aids….

    Wrap it in foil before you check her oil.
    Cover your whacker before you attack her
    If you wanna live be aware of the hiv, dont wanna get sick then cover yer d**k!
    Some info  MAndy
    succes with the campagne

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi Mandy, after a long time im into ur blog..Nice campaign…Thsi will surely spread word around people..Take care..

  3. Sp¥deя says:

    Very good talk in your blog………..
    oke visted your interesting space
    nice that you viseted my indiana jones site
    this one is even more magnetic
    have a great weekend my friend

  4. rupa says:

    Hi Mandy, nice slogan. how r u ? long time no c…

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